How to hang your tapestry on the wall

How to hang your tapestry on the wall

How to hang your tapestry on the wall

First of all, it is very simple. These are wall tapestry hooks that are very easy to use. Wall tapestry hooks can be mounted by both women and children, you don’t need a man’s hand or a master to hang the tapestry.
Attached we will give you a couple of pictures to get an insight into what it looks like to hang your tapestry on the wall.
Maybe everything is already clear to you when you see what the hooks look like. You can see that the needles are only a few millimeters wide and that they are very sharp at the top, which means that the plaster will easily penetrate through a wall or wood. All you need to do is hammer them in a few times.

hooks for tapestry hang
A few more things before you start.
To hang your tapestry you need to have the following things:
2.A pencil
3.And a small hammer

Use the meter to mark both corners in one plane, then mark the points with a pencil. Once you’ve done that, you can put your meter and pencil away.
Then take your first hook and lean it against the base to join, then hammer in the pegs and the thing is done. Then repeat with the other hook.That’s all. Now your tapestry is ready to hang!
With our tapestries you get these hooks with wedges. One small note, sometimes people use 3M stickers to stick the tapestry to the wall, but that’s not the smartest idea. Since the tapestry is heavier than the strength of the glue on 3M comand stripe, it cannot withstand the weight. M3 self-adhesive stripe can be used for small dimensions of 95x73CM tapestries.
Another reason why they should not be used, if they do not fit into the substrate, it can very easily happen that the wall peels off, which you would not want, so avoid using self-adhesive 3M comand stripe.

If you try to hang the tapestry on your wall, this way you can damage the wall. Avoid this way of placing the tapestry, unless it is an old cracked wall or you simply do not have a better solution.
In our case, you don’t have to worry about our tapestries as you will get hooks and you’ll get the job done quickly and easily.

How to hang your tapestry on the wall

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